Employment, Career, And Job Search Tips


Employment, Career, and Job Search Tips

A promotion is not always a good thing, you might get to a level beyond  15 Minute Manifestation Review what you really want to do, beyond your natural talents. You will lose your energy as well as your money, as these two are strongly linked! Are you in the right place With your goal in mind, are you at the right level according to your abilities and your desires Once your goal is determined, you have to become a master through learning and discipline. In the field of your choice, there are already experts that can teach you and help you. What do you need to learn to reach your goal What type of training, seminars or school will you attend to become an expert in your field How could you improve your knowledge of your product, of the relevant market and of your target audience

I personally feel the most important of all is to create a sense of opportunity and exploring for our children. Our children are after all just little us. I was once having a conversation with a friend and she said "my god, our children are doing better than we are". Well isn't that the plan I ask did this happen because of you or in spite of you I say fantastic for the soccer moms and dad's. Just don't flop in front of the tube when you get home. Stay engaged with your children but be careful. You might have some fun.

Could you imagine looking down from the pearly gates and reading your own obituary. It reads. " Bob was a loving father and husband who spent many years in front of the television watching his favorite shows that brought him so much joy". If this is making you feel a little uncomfortable you need to ask yourself the question. My God is that me Many of us today ask what's in it for me. It is a time when people want instant answers. I believe that one of the reasons that blogging is so successful is that people want instant answers. They don't want to read a whole book. Just let me read something short and sweet that will fix what needs to be fixed. RIGHT NOW!!

Why on earth do you think infomercials are everywhere on the TV. It's a waterfall of money that comes from people trapped in their comfort zones. Claims like "Create a new you in 30 days". "Make a fortune in just 60 days". "You can do this. I just love this claim....We have done all the hard work to make it easy for you". Yes there are lots success stories on each of these shows to support the claims. What they do not tell you is that over 90 percent of the programs purchased from infomercials are gathering dust it a matter of weeks. There is an audience of millions of people out there knowing how they are living, needs to change. Hold it now. That means I have to change my habits. Egads. Hope springs eternal. Hope to is a victim of the comfort zone.




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