How To Take Backup Of Zimbra Mail Server To Office 365 Using Zimbra To Office 365 Converter?


How to take Backup of Zimbra Mail Server to Office 365 using Zimbra to Office 365 Converter?

These days, when competition is so high, users need to keep business planning up to date in order to make their business run. This involves the updating of email clients. Zimbra is one of the popular emailing program, which is used commonly among business organization to send/receive or exchange files or information across the globe. Zimbra has designed ZCS i.e. Zimbra Collaboration Suite that includes Zimbra Desktop, Zimbra Web Mail and Zimbra Server. It helps to manage multiple IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Gmail and other accounts in single environment. One can retrieve mails of Zimbra app in both offline and online mode and from multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows, and Mac etc. A single mailbox folder of user includes data of emails, contacts, calendars, briefcase, tasks and more. All these are stored in zip file, which is represented as .tgz.

Office 365 is a cloud-based platform, a product of Microsoft. It contains all the items as contained in desktop Microsoft Office Suite. It allow users to access data anytime and from any platform. Its basic subscription plan provides accessibility of MS Office applications like PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Access etc. and other services, which gets enabled over internet such as cloud storage, Lync web conferencing, 60 minutes skype per month, hosted exchange online services etc.

Reasons for Zimbra Mail File Backup to Office 365

Zimbra Desktop is a cross-platform email application. However, it is still losing its market place, why? Because many advance email clients are coming up with more remarkable functionality and features. Many users wants the program, which is updated time to time, but after gaining popularity for few decades, Zimbra has stopped its upgradation. It has slow response time and provides long configuration process. Apart from this, it has slow synchronization process and frustrate users who wants to do everything in a quick speed. There are many more points that pressurize users to move on cloud platform, which is more secure and can be accessed anytime regardless of any platform you are using.

Now, if a user has deleted its account of Zimbra but still there are Zimbra supported files, which needs to retrieve in Office 365 environment, then in that case, Zimbra to Office 365 Tool is needed. Before, discussing the migration process of Zimbra to O365, let us first know the procedure of how to access TGZ folder of Zimbra?

How to extract data from Zimbra Desktop?

There are using who are not aware of how to extract data from Zimbra and in what extension it is stored. Follow the steps and you will get to know how to extract Zimbra data.

  1. Open Zimbra Desktop and click Preferences button.
  2. Select Import/Export.
  3. A new window will appear asking to select the required data types such as contacts, emails, calendar, briefcase that you want in resultant file.
  4. Click Export, select Save File option.
  5. Choose the location to save the Zimbra data and click Save.
  6. Process will start and save all the data in zip TGZ file.
  7. Now go to the location and check extracted Zimbra .tgz file.

After extracting Zimbra database, download Zimbra to Office 365 Converter and perform the process of Zimbra backup data to Office 365.

Zimbra to Office 365 Converter for Zimbra Backup Data to Office 365

Zimbra to Office 365 Tool is a strong migration utility to batch import Zimbra TGZ folder to Exchange Online account with complete user database. The application provides easy working interface, which is operated by all professional and home users. With the help of Zimbra to Exchange Online Migration Tool, one can backup unlimited Zimbra data to O365 at one time and in an accurate way. Follow the process and implement the task of Zimbra mail file backup to Office 365:

  1. Open Zimbra to Office 365 Converter.
  2. Click Add File/Add Folder button to load TGZ file.
  3. TGZ file extraction is not important. As soon as you select the required TGZ file, software automatically extract it and displays its entire contained folders on the left software pane.
  4. Click on the desired email file and analyse its data on Preview window.
  5. Tap Export and choose Office 365 option as saving data type.
  6. Enter the credentials of Office 365 admin portal.
  7. Select other options as per need and click on Convert to start the process.

Download the Zimbra to Office 365 free demo edition on any version of the software, which is available to check the whole software migration process. It allows to backup 20 files from TGZ folder to O365 free of cost.


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