Jump Rope To Burn Belly Fat!


Jump Rope to Burn Belly Fat!

In America, many people are struggling withForward Head Posture Fixtheir weight. In fact, recent reports suggest up to 30% of the entire adult population is in the obese category! In addition, much of that extra weight is being carried in the mid-section which is the serious pre-curser for heart attack.Experts agree, you can lose that ugly belly fat by doing cardio workout on a regular basis. The jump rope workout routine, that is easily done in the privacy of your own home is an excellent method to amp up the calorie burn which results in weight loss and overall body tone.

Well, you might be saying -- "that's great for someone who is already fit -- I can barely jump a couple of times -- much less for several minutes!" But jump rope fitness is for everyone.There are a couple of ways to add jump rope workouts into your routine -- even if you are starting from a low-fitness level.

Traditional jump roping routines are done with ropes with a handle on each end. The handles and the rope itself can be "weighted" to add an extra zing to the workouts. These traditional jump ropes are for people of above average fitness level and coordination levels. They also require ceilings that are high enough to accommodate the swing of the rope.

Alternative jump ropes are actually rope-less! They have the handles of normal jump ropes, but the actual rope is only a foot or so, hanging from each handle. The end of the rope is weighted to give the "feel" of the swinging rope, but your feet never even need to leave the floor with these "ropes."

The advantage of the rope-less jump rope workouts, is that anyone can do them. You modify the intensity based on your personal fitness levels. If you want to start slow and have a low impact work-out, that is easy to achieve by simulating the jumping motions.

You can work up to high impact jumping, still without having to worry about getting tangled in the rope and best of all, it can be done anywhere -- no need for high ceilings.



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