Choose Change And Take Control Of Your Life


Choose Change and Take Control of Your Life

So it is all good to want and visualize Subliminal Guru Review something. But you are not ready to receive it until you start acting on it. How should you act? Do anything and everything. Acting randomly will lead you onto the right track just as surely as acting methodically and deliberately. The point is you need to be doing something, to start somewhere, anywhere. Don't just sit there staring mindlessly at your vision boards. Get real! Instead of constantly talking about your dreams, act on them. Start "digging the ditches" and you will get rain, if rain is what you want. If you don't dig the ditches, rain becomes impossible to obtain (no matter how much you pray for it).

Do you want to hear from your dentist when you have significant pain - not sure what's causing it. Or, from your cardiac doctor, they don't know why you are having shortness of breath. Or from your banker, I'm not sure we can give you this loan, I'll have to get back to you. Let me ask you, do you think about your words, responses to others or do you just throw out whatever words come to mind without reflection or concern they might have?

I was once asked by a client who was giving an annual speech to all of his employees to be in the audience to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness, impact, and interest of his employees in his message. At the conclusion, he asked me, "well, how did I do?" Well, during your 45-minute presentation you invalidated your employees 18 times with your comments. "Here are just three of the ways. 1) You kept saying 'I hope you all can rise to the challenge'. 'I think you can achieve... ' and, 'I know it's been a difficult time for many of you because of the uncertainty... '

Keep in mind there are five elements in all communication - intention, subtleties, interpretation, emotional state of both and perception. The intention of the sender, the subtle messages or hidden agendas behind the message, the interpretation of the receiver their (vocabulary, state of mind, the history of the relationship, expectations etc.), the emotional state of both whether grounded in negatives or positives and the perceptual interpretation of the receiver. For example - if I said he was a young person - what would be your answer, what number would you give me, and do you think everyone's answer would be the same? NO, because we all define or describe young individually, personally or uniquely based on our own interpretation).


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