How To Revamp Your Life For Success


How To Revamp Your Life for Success

I always tell my students that if they just pay attention in my classes,  The Longevity Blueprint Review they will decrease the amount of study time they have to devote to preparing for an exam. First tip - know the teacher! Many teachers stress the same points over and over again. Perhaps they "say" the same thing in a different way BUT, if you pay attention, you'll catch on to what the teacher wants you to know just because you have been an active listener. In my classes, I repeat things frequently. That means these are important ideas to remember or to understand.

This second tip is not a novel concept but so few of my students do it. Those that do are much further ahead from the get-go! The second tip - prepare for class! Read the content that will be discussed in class before it is presented in class. Finish the assignment given in a timely fashion before walking into class. Have note paper, pens, pencils with you and RECORD the class for later review if your teacher will permit it. Hearing the information twice can be hugely helpful in capturing the important points form the lecture or activity.

fore it is presented in class. Finish the assignment given in a timely fashion before walking into class. Have note paper, pens, pencils with you an
The third tip - What you do IN class is crucial. Be an ACTIVE participant by asking questions or giving answers to those that the teacher asks. Sit in front to avoid distractions from fellow classmates. Draw maps, diagrams, or the like to create a visual picture of the concepts discussed in class. Most of us are visual learners and this can be beneficial for later understanding.

Finally, the importance of what you do AFTER class. Review your notes and pictures/figures from class RIGHT after or soon after class. This allows you to clarify something said in class or complete a thought that you didn't get written in class. It also helps to write questions about content you didn't understand so that you can ask the teacher in the next class. I have found this early review helped me to remember and understand the important concepts and decreased the amount of study time I had to devote to studying for an exam over the content. I know this might be a lot to ask BUT if you do this review after every class, even if for 15-20 minutes, you will be far ahead in your study and exam preparation as a result.


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