I Have The Seed Of Greatness In Me - Therefore, I Cannot Be Small


I Have the Seed of Greatness in Me - Therefore, I Cannot Be Small

Many people find it difficult or impossible to stop on a dime what they are doing and take a rest.  Wealth Activation Blueprint Review If it's so difficult for you to do such a thing, work at it in increments (a little at a time). Don't wait for the vacation time to get away on your secret hideaway. Control what you are doing by lessening your work load so you could get a period here and a period there, bit by bit, until your big moment comes, to shut the world out, and remain silent with you alone. Why work so hard, day and night, time after time and not reward you with a prize of rest. You need something to keep you going and going. You need energy, without it, your concept of what you are doing will fade away. Your motivation and drive to continue will not be at a level to bring great result.

I know you are probably saying that the more work you do, brings more productivity, but the truth of the matter is that productivity comes from the quiet moments when the mind body and soul is rested. What rest does is give you a chance to see and get understanding of what your true purpose is. Then, out comes the motivation and inspiration to go one more mile. This article was written by Motivational Speaker Carl Mathis, author of "Pursuing Your Purpose - How To Discover God's Revelation For Your Life".

Positive thinking is not the same as blind optimism, neither does it mean overconfidence. It is a force that can empower you to overcome any obstacle that life puts forth. So, if you find that the everyday life stress is getting you down, your performance at work is deteriorating, relationships are home seem strained or are a cause of added stress or if you feel that there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be in life - the answer is learning to think positively.

What Positive Thinking Does for You Here are some things that you will gain when you learn to alter your perceptions and think more positively Expert Author Vitus Ejiogu The Word of God has power. Man, who was created in the image and likeness of God, received the same power from God, his maker. As a result, he has and exercises word power or authority, the same way his maker does. However, going by the knowledge we have as God's children, it is necessary that we know or understand that who we are before God is the most important thing to consider when it comes to the matter of exercising our authority.



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