Three Kinds Of Food For Weight Loss


Three Kinds of Food For Weight Loss

Weight loss is the eternal topic of a woman.Fave Food DietHow can both lose weight, but also to ensure adequate nutrition? Eat the following three kinds of food that can make you lose weight!Spherical bag lettuce, butter lettuce fold, as well as Indian lettuce, can be regarded as a kind of lettuce. And compared to a common vegetable cabbage, lettuce contain more fiber, there is the role of eliminating excess fat,it is a very good diet food.

Nutrition Highlights: rich in cellulose. Containing 100 grams of lettuce on the 1.52 grams of dietary fiber.Additional recommendations: In addition to making the common lettuce salad, you can also store some good lettuce washed peel, at meal time, or want to eat things that eat out at all times, at any time to add.

Asparagus is a nobility in the vegetables: While the price a little expensive than other vegetables, but taste really delicious fragrance. Asparagus contains vegetable fiber, also contain more vitamins and trace elements. In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid, about 5 asparagus contains more than 100 micrograms, which is 1 / 4 of a person's daily requirement.

Additional recommendations: First, asparagus root is best cooked as whole, so that can maintain maximum nutrition; In addition, asparagus nutrition is in its tip, the best way to cook asparagus is tieing the wrists together in order to maintain nutrition.While the squash is cheap and vegetables, their nutritional value is no less significant. Zucchini contain more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, in particular, high levels of calcium. Moreover, the squash is rich in moisture, moisture can moisturize the skin.


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