Solar Power For Homes - Generate Your Own Energy


Solar Power For Homes - Generate Your Own Energy

With the economic turmoil taking its toll on the finances of most families,  The Backpack Electricity System Review even the slightest increase in expenditures can wreak havoc on their financial stability. And we all know that the cost of energy is sky rocketing. Besides, our exorbitant energy consumption has proved detrimental to the environment. If we want to leave a clean livable planet for our children and grandchildren we should seriously consider using alternative, environment friendly methods of energy generation and one way to do so is to change your house into a solar powered home.

When you use solar power for homes you are capturing the heat of the sun which is an inexhaustible source of energy and turning it into power. Normally, all houses capture some amount of solar energy from sun rays entering the house through the doors and windows; however, this energy is often wasted but with solar power for homes you will be able to capture and utilize it. To convert solar energy into power, you will have to install solar panels on the roof of your house.

Passive energy defines the solar thermal energy absorbed by a structure, for instance, the sun rays that enter the house through the windows and warms the walls and floor. A home designed for passive solar energy capture optimizes this gain in solar energy through structural design, strategic window placements and massive walls called thermal mass on the inside and outside which collect the heat during day to release it at night. The landscaping, the orientation of the structure, venting system, angle of the windows etc are all planned carefully to maximize solar energy capture. The design of the home will also depend on the weather conditions in the area, for example you could do with less solar energy in Southern Arizona as opposed to the increased requirement in Northern Minnesota.

Solar energy can also be used top provide your home with hot water. The technique used to heat water through solar energy is an extension of a fairly simple principle where you just fill a black plastic bag or some inner tube with water and let it stay out in the sun for a few hours till the water is nice and hot. And then this water can be supplied to the bathroom through a shower hose. There are two designs that can be installed for solar water heating; one uses flat plate collectors fixed on the roof. These plates are simply glass covered rectangular boxes with tubes of water in them. The water absorbs solar heat and is supplied to the water system in the home. In the second design, an insulated black tank is used which heats up batches of water that can be supplied to the home. You could use the hot water thus collected to heat your home through forced air or radiant-floor systems.


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