How To Streamline Your Online Business


How to Streamline Your Online Business

Once you have your new get paid to site installed and customized you will no doubt want to get started  Affiliate Bots 2 Review  posting up your surveys, prizes and letting the money start rolling in. Not so fast! In my experience, I have noticed a few crucial mistakes that some overly enthusiastic site owners make repeatedly that severely impact their sales. Therefore I am going to point out the three simple but costly errors to help you avoid them and see your business achieve its maximum potential.

Keep it simple! When stocking your virtual catalog with prizes many people try create a virtual superstore of prizes on thinking that it will create mass appeal and bring in mountains of cash, in fact this will have the complete opposite effect. Sites like this tend to feel disorganized and overwhelming to your customers causing them to lose interest fast. As a rule of thumb try to focus on a specific niche whereby you target a specific customer need. If possible post surveys that similar to the products that you are selling, this provides greater appeal to your target group, making them more likely to complete many surveys to get their prizes for free.

Think like your customer. Do not offer items worth $500.00 as prizes, expecting users to do over dozens and dozens of surveys in order to get it. Most people will simply give up when they realize the amount of work that it is going to take and will not return to your website or recommend it to anyone meaning less profit for you. List products that take about 5 surveys to cash out. Remember your customers are not looking for a full time job, they want to put in as little effort as possible for the greatest possible returns.

Promotion. A lot of new site owners aren't aware of the importance of utilizing the numerous methods of promotion that are available to them. You want to bring in as much traffic as possible to fill your surveys so you are going to need to get the word out! Social Media is a great place to start. Send out links via Facebook, twitter etc. Plugins like Rewards Xpress utilize this viral marketing well since it provides each user with a unique referral link that gives them bonus points for their referrals. There are also online services that will broadcast your site to 10,000+ people on Facebook. Google AdWords, forums, and search engine site submission tools such as jimtools can all be used to drive traffic to your site


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