2 Hard Hitting Exercises To Lose Your Gut!


2 Hard Hitting Exercises to Lose Your Gut!

Getting a flat stomach requires 2 variables from you. It takes persistence and Unlock Your Glutes Review  discipline! If you are looking for a way to get rid of your gut then you have to train with a purpose and the exercises you engage in must be intense in nature. This is the ONLY way that you are going to achieve the results that you desire the most. Read on if I have your attention. Walk Out Planks: One of the most effective ways to speed up your metabolism so that your body will torch the body fat right off of every area of your body is by engaging in body weight exercises. The walk out plank is a great exercise for you to do just that. All you need is yourself and a flat training surface to make it happen.

To begin this drill simply stand with your feet at about shoulder width apart in length. From here you are going to crouch down to place your hands on the ground in front of you and walk out on your hands to extend your body into an upright push up position. Once you are into the upright push up position then simply lower yourself down onto your forearms bringing your body into a plank. Once you get into the plank simply pick yourself back up into the push up position and walk back on your hands to the crouched position and stand back up. All of this equates to a single repetition. Once you start to engage in doing the walk out planks you will see just how exerting this particular exercise can be.

Jack Knife Push Ups: If you are looking for another hard hitting exercise to speed up the elimination of your love handles then this little drill will certainly do the trick! If you can do a proper push up then this is the next level of push up for you to master.To begin, simply get into an upright push up position. Make sure that your hand placement is in the proper position like you would have them to execute a strict form push up! There is no cheating here my friend. Next, execute a normal push up and upon you ascending up out of the push up kick your feet up underneath you by bringing your knees to your chest. As soon as you bring your knees up to your chest simply kick your feet back out once again extending your body into an upright push up position. Once you are in position execute another push up and repeat the process all over again. All of this should be done in continuous fashion.

If you haven't already started to engage in these gut blasting exercises to eliminate your stomach bulge then what are you waiting for Take the time to include these in your current workout program. If you want to learn more highly effective ways of training such as this then feel free to access the rest of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!



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