How To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally Step By Step


How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally Step by Step

This article highlights a system founded by Dr William Horatio Bates that Lutazene Review  will improve your eyesight naturally step by step. This system has been around for a long time, in fact more than one hundred years ago. If you are serious about making your vision better, then you would be well advised to implement these exercises into your life style.

There are many methods that can be used. It is important to understand that your eyes are as important as any other organ in your body.The exercise we will touch on today is one known as palming. This entails slowing the movement of the eyes down as much as possible. Doing this will heighten your visual senses dramatically.You need to slow your mind as well. The reason for this is that your eyes try to keep up with the movement of the mind, as we know the mind moves rather quickly. Palming is easy and takes about twenty minutes to complete.

Firstly you should rub both hands together in order to create heat and then to smoothen the surface of your hands. Then cover each eye by forming a cup shape over the eyes, it is important that your hands do not actually touch the eyes.Whilst doing this feel the muscles relax in your body, this should take place from the top to the bottom of your body. Eventually the area between your eyes will start relaxing.

It will become blacker and blacker, the blacker it becomes the more your will relax.Clear you mind from all clutter, think of nice things like the sea for example. Continue this for fifteen minutes. Once you open your eyes you will notice much more clarity. Expensive surgery and a two year waiting list wasn't really an option for Lorraine, so she spent time researching ways to improve her lazy eye naturally. Despite being told otherwise by numerous professionals, she managed to improve her lazy eye to the point where it is now barely noticeable and she no longer feels uncomfortable having conversations or in large groups of people.


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