Knee Pain - Common Causes Of Knee Pain


Knee Pain - Common Causes of Knee Pain

To avoid surgery, there are numerous options available. For Meridian Health Protocol starters, medication may help substantially. This may include acetaminophen, NSAIDS, and short term narcotics for pain relief. On top of this, muscle relaxers may help a lot as a lot of a person's neck pain can be from muscle spasms. This may include flexeril, valium, or skelaxin.One medication that may help a lot is gabapentin. It's unclear why it works exactly, but it may help a lot with nerve type pain.Moving on from medication, injections from a pain doctor may help substantially. This may include facet injections and maybe an epidural injection if the person is dealing with a pinched nerve. A series of injections may be needed, or one may do the trick.Chiropractic treatment for neck pain with or without arm pain can help substantially and effectively make the difference between needed surgery and avoiding it. This may include spinal decompression treatment along with manipulations, ice, heat, electrotherapy TENS, and acupuncture.

Physical therapy may offer pain relief along with the other treatments mentioned. This can include stretching, strengthening, and will overlap with the modalities administered by chiropractic doctors.In a situation where a patient has pain from a herniated disc going down the arm, it's called radiculopathy. As long as there's no clinical muscle weakness, surgery becomes a quality of life decision rather than mandatory. If the above treatments are tried for over 6 to 8 weeks, then surgery for a cervical herniated disc may be undertaken as a quality of life decision with a high rate of success. But as mentioned, for a situation where a patient has neck pain without instability or a disc herniation, it's best to avoid surgery with the above treatments.


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