How Much Legal Is The Scratch Card Games?


How Much Legal Is The Scratch Card Games?

There are quite a lot of ways and means for folks to gamble online and out of these playing online scratch cards is by far the easiest and simplest. These scratch cards are essentially the same as physical scratch cards, with the only notable difference being that they are played online and are thus more convenient and accessible to everyone with an internet-connected device. When folks play with scratch card sites online, they cannot physically scratch the card to unveil the icons that are concealed on these. Instead, this task is accomplished by moving the mouse around or clicking a button.

Given that online scratch cards are so pervasive and enjoyable, it bears knowing if they are legal in the US. Time to go finds out!

Online Scratch Cards Are Sinfully Scratchy!

Tickets for online scratch cards are quite inexpensive. The winning odds vary according to the specific cards players get. Usually, these odds are prominently displayed on the site of the website from which these cards are bought. They range from 1 in 10 to 1 in 4.

The amount that can be won is also dependant on how much the card is worth, with the more expensive scratch cards paying out heftier sums than those that cost a few bucks. The payout varies and can be in the 3 or 4 figures, though there are scratch cards with jackpot prizes that can reach into the 6 figures.

Legal And Proud!

In most states of the US, it is perfectly legal for folks to buy and play lottery tickets online. They can also win actual money on such tickets. The state and federal governments have no law in place prohibiting online scratch card playing, so long as this activity is performed on a platform that is registered and in full accordance with all regulations.

However, as of this time, no legal US-based site makes scratch cards available online for players. More, no less than 6 states expressly ban online scratch cards. These states are Alabama, Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Nevada and Mississippi.

Foreign Cards Are Tasty!

Since no online scratch card company is based in the US, that effectively means that scratch card lovers in the US must register and play at foreign sites. However, there is no US law in place for the safety of players who choose to do this. Thus, should players have problems on such a site, they have no recourse to the law.

Due to this and a few other factors, folks are advised to just focus on other delish legal alternatives like land-based scratch cards. If this will not do, there are a virtually endless array of online betting options out there immerse oneself in!

Living The Greyhound Life!

An excellent and totally legal alternative to online scratch card playing is greyhound and online horse racing. More than a few online platforms support these type of bets provided that those players are resident in a state where such forms of betting are legal. Online horse race and greyhound betting are just like the real thing, but minus all the heat and discomfort.

The Fantasy Life Means Joy!

Should online horse or greyhound betting not be up to user taste, there is Daily Fantasy Sports. This is fast-paced, more thrilling and exciting than riding a bucking bronco and is regarded as a skill-based game and thus is not subject to the same onerous regulations as other forms of gambling.

Daily fantasy sports lets folks choose new drafts every day or week and then compete in varied tournaments with these. Needless to say, it can be heaven on earth! At least the Federal Government seems to think so and has long made it legal at the federal level.

While it is totally legal to play online scratch cards, there is practically no US-based platform on which to do this. Playing scratch cards online at overseas sites is legal, it does come with some serious cons, as players have no recourse when the site they registered on for some reason refuses to pay wins and such like.

And that is why US players are advised to shun online scratch card playing and explore other more exciting alternatives like Daily Fantasy Sports and online Greyhound/Horse Racing.


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