Type 2 Diabetes - Healthy Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol Level


Type 2 Diabetes - Healthy Ways To Reduce Your Cholesterol Level

You actually need cholesterol in your body because your nervous system and brain need cholesterol to protect neurons and help them communicate properly.  The Big Diabetes Lie Review  Unfortunately, if cholesterol doesn't go to where it's needed in your body, or if it becomes denser and bigger, chronic illnesses such as the metabolic syndrome, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease can occur.

This usually happens if your lifestyle isn't ideal because you eat unhealthy food and don't exercise enough (if at all.). Traditional doctors prescribe medication to reduce your cholesterol level but this doesn't directly solve the underlying reasons why your level is high. Issues such as Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance are serious and should be controlled as quickly as possible.

High cholesterol is caused by "diabesity" which means you have an insulin and blood sugar imbalance that can lead to everything from pre-diabetes to full-blown Type 2 diabetes.

Medication doesn't treat the causes of illness. The main cause is lifestyle which means your food choices, the exercises you do or don't do, your life is stressful, or you are suffering from chronic inflammation. To properly address the issue of high cholesterol you need to make radical changes to your lifestyle.

The first step is to learn everything about cholesterol and how it's affecting you specifically. Then you'll know what changes are needed. Your doctor can help you with this knowledge and there's also tons of information on the internet. However, never substitute internet information when you should be consulting your doctor. The internet is just an additional source of knowledge.

1. If you decrease your consumption of carbs and increase your protein intake, that can reduce inflammation and improve your overall health from a nutritional viewpoint.

2. Lose weight. This can be done through dietary changes, a regular exercise regime, and by getting expert advice from a dietitian, a personal trainer and even your doctor. Your body doesn't have to work as hard if you're not obese.




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