Learning How To Make Money Online From The So Called Gurus - What A Joke


Learning How To Make Money Online From The So Called Gurus - What A Joke

Firstly you will find that as you do plough your way through 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review this material you will eventually pick up on all the alien jargon and abbreviations and actually begin to understand what they are all on about. It's a lot like learning a language, you hear it spoken, try reading it and then speaking it. Eventually it becomes part of you and you even start thinking in that language.

Secondly just don't take on too much at a time, don't be tempted by every offer and sales pitch that comes your way. Is it really going to help you achieve your goals or just the goals of the guy pitching to you I want to suggest a few ideas to help keep it all under control so that you can focus on what really matters and not be distracted and overwhelmed by all the new information you will inevitably come your way.

Get organized Leadership expert John C. Maxwell says "Organize or Agonize" I agree, having over 500 emails in your inbox is not good organization. Create folders for everything. I use Google for all my email accounts and find I can easily put the information into the appropriate folder to read later. When an email comes in just move it to the appropriate folder straight away. Use Google docs for all your own documents and forms. You can access the things you want wherever you are even if you don't have your own computer to hand.

Schedule Set times in your schedule for checking emails, Facebook, Twitter etc. Don't leave them open on your computer when you are doing other work, it's too distracting. How easily I can start following interesting links and get drawn away from the important project I was supposed to be working on.
et Priorities Getting your priorities in the right order is one of the most important things you need to do to be successful in anything! Once you have set your priorities stick to them. Work at the number one priority until it's finished then and only then move on to the next one.

· Choose well Having the right business for you is of utmost importance. I have a simple problem solving formula I use to determine whether something is right for me, Feel Think Do. "Feel" is about getting in touch with your need and desires like needing more money. "Think" is working out the best way to get what you need or how to overcome your problem. "Do" is following through on the action plan you have come up with. Many of us fail to achieve because we miss out on one of these steps. For example you might "Feel" and "Do" and miss out "Thinking", you don't really have a good thought through plan of action you just feel your pain and jump into any opportunity that seems to come your way feet first without taking the time to check it out. Others of us are really good at "Feel" then "Think" but fail to "Do", it's like we feel we've done all the work already by researching and putting a plan together then somehow fail to take action. Not taking action is the sure fired way of guaranteeing failure in any endeavour.





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